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Global Expansion Without Relocation: Why Companies Are Choosing PEO Solutions

Author: Gaia Roscigno
Nov 23, 2021
Employers • KSA

Global expansion is the next level for any business performing well in its territory. The wider scope of business is surely tempting. However, most businesses tend to hold back due to the risks. One of the biggest worries is relocation. Moving your business fully or partly to a new location is never easy. Especially when you are doing well in your home territory, you wouldn’t want to shake things up. 

But what if global expansion is possible without relocation? Wouldn’t that sound like music to your ears?

Well, yes, global expansion without relocation is possible if you partner with the right PEO solutions. A PEO or Professional Employer Organization is an external firm that acts as your in-house HR team, simplifying hiring and HR processes for your business. According to The National Association of Professional Employers report, a whopping 4 million worksite employees (WSEs) were employed by the US PEOs by the end of the year 2020. The report clearly indicates that most businesses choose international PEO solutions for global expansion. But why?

Here’s Why. Here Are 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Choose PEO Solutions To Simplify Global Expansion For Your Business. 

1) Smooth Co-Employment

With PEO solutions, you get smoother overseas employment. PEO services will co-employ your workforce, simplifying time-consuming tasks like filing payroll taxes, paying the employees, workforce needs management, and compliance. It’s more like having an overseas HR team to hire and manage employees while still retaining complete control of your employees. 

2) PEO saves money and expedites ROI

When you have top-class PEO solutions at your disposal, you can expect a lot of money savings and a quicker ROI from your expansion project. PEOs hire several employees for different organizations globally so they can strike better deals for you with insurance agencies and other related services. You also save money due to the reduced employment costs and infrastructural expenses of hiring overseas. 

Due to the quality of employment you get, you can also expect a quicker ROI with PEO co-employment. PEO service providers are employment experts, and their talent-filtering strategies are quite effective. Therefore, you can be sure that you’ll get highly skilled and talented employees with ha higher productivity rate. 

3) Compliance Simplified

Different countries have different compliance regulations related to employment, and non-compliance can lead to serious legal actions against the business. That’s why an international PEO organization is the best option you have when you are going for expansion without relocation. As Craig Dempsey from Business.com mentions in his blog, having an expert employment team from a geographical location has several advantages. The PEOs will be more aware of the local payroll, tax laws, and employee regulations. Therefore, they can help you handle employee needs and compliance regulations effortlessly. 

4) PEOs Save Time

Partnering with experienced PEOs is a huge time-saver for your global expansion. The experts understand your needs and the geographical requirements very well, and therefore they can get your employment needs on track as fast as possible. With PEOs, you don’t have to send in-house employers to the location, you don’t have to worry about advertising job requirements, and you surely don’t have to worry about payroll, compliance, and employee needs. All these time-consuming hassles are handled quickly and effortlessly by PEOs. So, you can get your business up and running in a new location much faster than usual when you have quality PEO solutions.

5) Perfect For Small and Medium Businesses

According to the NAPEO report for 2021, “Professional employer organizations (PEOs) provide comprehensive HR solutions for small and mid-sized businesses by supplying them with a broad array of cost-effective HR offerings and expertise.” So, if you are a small or medium-scale business, with PEOs, you can concentrate on your business growth while the PEOs handle the nuances of employment and HR needs. 

Future Of PEO 

As you can see, PEOs have several advantages to offer for a business looking for global expansion without relocation. The recent NAPEO report states that PEOs have been experiencing a steady growth right from 2008 through to 2020, with the later years experiencing a growth rate of over 15%. 

This steady growth rate is only expected to rise even more in the coming years due to the rise in demand for global expansion. The post-covid scenario demands businesses to widen their scope and deliver quality solutions worldwide in order to compensate for the local restrictions in place. And PEOs can help you achieve just that without ruining your budget. 

And So, We Conclude,

That partnering with PEOs is an essential step for global expansion. It is the key factor that can help you transform from a small business into a multi-national enterprise. 

All you need to do is connect with the right service provider (experienced & skilled), and you’re all set to expand your business overseas. So go ahead, don’t worry about relocation; just partner with a PEO and scale new heights. 

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