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Here’s Why You Need A GRO Service Provider in KSA

Author: Daniyal Chishti
Oct 19, 2022
Employers • KSA

Every business in Saudi Arabia needs GRO or PRO services to manage its regulatory and compliance requirements in Saudi Arabia. You could manage it in-house so that you may conduct business compliantly. However, if your government relations procedures are not carefully managed, your company may experience difficulties and even fines!

Due to the complexity, many Saudi-based businesses opt to outsource this management to a GRO or PRO service provider rather than internal staff. Why? With an experienced GRO provider at your side, you can be sure that your Saudi government portals, visa and IQAMA transactions management are 100% compliant.

What is a GRO service? 

The Government Relations Officer, or GRO, also known as a PRO in other regions, is an essential element in doing business in Saudi Arabia. GROs are the key link between your company and the government. It is challenging for businesses to establish themselves in Saudi Arabia because of the country’s rigorous corporate regulations.

A GRO service provider will assist a business in developing relationships and trust. It aids businesses in navigating the legal system and managing procedures like document management and more.

What exactly do GRO service providers/ PRO service providers do?

 GRO service providers assist with everything surrounding labour legislation and regulations across the Kingdom. A few of the important tasks managed by a GRO include:

  • Organizing the renewal of company licenses
  • Day-to-day management of all government portals
  • Applying for and renewing IQAMAs
  • Arranging the attestation of employee qualifications

So, Why Is GRO Essential For Your Business? 

Achieve A High Level Of Compliance

Remaining compliant is crucial to conducting business in Saudi Arabia. Not only does it result in government benefits like achieving a platinum Nitaqat rating, but it also lowers potential legal concerns. GRO service providers are experts in understanding the Saudi market and your company’s requirements depending on your industry, its regulations, and the nature of your business. They will ensure you can get the licenses, permits, or visas you need to remain compliant.

Deadline, Expiry & Renewal Reminders

A GRO service provider in Saudi Arabia keeps track of your business licenses, documentation, and visa renewal processes. This ensures that you receive timely reminders to renew your business license or employment visa to avoid any penalties or fines imposed by the Saudi government. In other words, TASC’s GRO experts handle your business's and employees' renewal processes by sending out timely reminders to streamline the process.

Minimize Legal Risks 

A GRO service provider will assist in reducing legal risks. Mistakes in the administration of government processes are frequently made when utilizing inexperienced in-house staff due to the complexity of Saudi labour laws and regulations. This can lead to fines or delays. Outsourcing your GRO needs will help your internal team stay focused on their areas of expertise and lower legal risks for your company by ensuring operations are carried out correctly across the Kingdom.

Access To A Knowledgeable Team 

The Saudi market is constantly changing as new laws are introduced. This can be difficult for business operations. Without the proper support to adapt, businesses will run into problems. GROs are highly knowledgeable about Saudi regulations and legislation, which enables them to react quickly, assist businesses in adapting, and reduce confusion.

Partnering with a leading GRO partner like us will hold your business to a high standard in the Saudi market to guarantee that you can continue as a trustworthy business across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saves Time & Internal Resources

Setting up and managing Saudi government portals like GOSI, MOL, QIWA, Muqeem, and Mudad can be very time-consuming and require a Saudi expert to help carry out various employee and HR-related transactions.

A GRO service provider becomes a single point of contact between your company and the government, ensuring all transactions are carried out with the least amount of time from your end. A GRO actively manages government portals to ensure your business can obtain necessary permits, employee visas, and other business documentation.

Let Us Take Care Of Your GRO Needs 

TASC Outsourcing is the leading GRO service provider and HR solutions specialist in Saudi Arabia. Our team of skilled GRO experts can help process employment visas and IQAMAs. We can proactively manage all Saudi government portals and handle timely renewals of employment visas and other employee-related documents. We have successfully processed 100,000+ visa and IQAMA transactions and completed 15,000+ onboarding for over 74 nationalities.

With over 15+ years of local and global experience and a strong on-the-ground presence in KSA, our GRO specialists have an in-depth knowledge of Saudi labour laws, visa, and licensing regulations. Our experts will streamline your interactions with the government – saving you time and effort and up to 60% of your usual GRO operating costs.

Talk to our local GRO experts now and find out how we can help your business run better!

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