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How to Manage Payroll with Compliance in Saudi Arabia

Author: Albatul Alharthi
Aug 4, 2023
Employers • KSA

Managing payroll is a crucial part of any business. It involves calculating salaries, deducting taxes, and ensuring that employees are paid correctly and on time. When it comes to businesses operating in Saudi Arabia, the task can become more complicated due to specific local regulations and compliance rules. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to effectively manage payroll with compliance in Saudi Arabia.


Understand the Saudi Labour Law

Before delving into payroll specifics, it's essential to grasp the fundamentals of Saudi Labour Law. The Saudi Labour Law is a document that outlines the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of both employers and employees in the Kingdom. It encompasses everything from contractual agreements, working hours, and overtime pay to annual leave, sick leave, and end-of-service benefits. To ensure payroll compliance, it is essential to understand these laws fully. This includes understanding the Wage Protection System (WPS), which is a system designed to ensure that Saudi Arabian employees receive their wages on time. Read our blog to learn more about Everything employers need to know in KSA Employer: Rights & Duties


Implement a Robust Payroll System

A robust payroll system is crucial in managing payroll with compliance. It should have the capability to calculate wages, deduct taxes, handle deductions for social insurance (GOSI), and ensure timely payment of salaries. The system should be capable of generating accurate reports that can help in auditing and resolving disputes. A payroll system that can be integrated with your HR and accounting systems would be an added advantage.


Compliance with WPS

Saudi Arabia introduced the Wage Protection System (WPS) in 2013, intending to ensure employers pay their employees on time. The Ministry of Labour and Social Development monitors and enforces this system, mandating that companies submit electronic reports of their payroll, demonstrating that all employees have received their wages in full and on time. Non-compliance could lead to penalties, such as business operations suspension, blocking of services, and fines. Read more about the top legal issues in Saudi Arabia in our blog Top 4 Common Legal Issues Businesses Face In KSA


Contribute to the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)

Employers in Saudi Arabia are obligated to register their employees with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). GOSI covers employees against occupational hazards, disabilities, or death during work. It also provides retirement pensions. The employer and employee contribution to GOSI needs to be correctly calculated and paid.


Ensure Accurate and Timely Salary Payments

According to Saudi Labour Law, employees must be paid at least once a month. Also, under the WPS, salary payments need to be made in the local currency (Saudi Riyal) and should be paid no later than the 10th day of the following month. Ensuring that salary payments are accurate and on time is crucial for payroll compliance.


Handle End of Service Benefits (EOSB) Correctly

EOSB is a lump sum amount that employers must pay employees who have completed their contracts or who are leaving the company. The EOSB is calculated based on the duration of service and the salary of the employee.


Regular Auditing and Updates

Regular auditing of the payroll system is crucial to identify any potential errors or inconsistencies. Also, it is important to keep the system updated with the latest rules and regulations. Saudi labour laws and regulations may change, and keeping abreast of these changes will help you stay compliant. Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates about the changes in Saudi labour law.


In conclusion, managing payroll with compliance in Saudi Arabia can be complex, but it's achievable. It requires a thorough understanding of the local labour laws, a robust payroll system, and regular audits. Remember, staying compliant is not only about avoiding fines or penalties but also about building a trustworthy and respectful relationship with your employees. It contributes to employee satisfaction and helps maintain the reputation of your business.


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