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Saudi's Job Market: Top Roles for 2023

Author: Albatul Alharthi, Daniyal Chishti
May 18, 2023
Employers • KSA

Saudi Arabia is a rapidly growing country with a young and ambitious population. The government is investing heavily in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, which is creating a lot of new job opportunities. In addition, the country is opening up its economy to foreign investment, which is attracting even more businesses to the region.

As a result of this growth, there are several top job roles in demand across Saudi Arabia. These roles offer good salaries, opportunities for advancement, and the chance to be part of a dynamic and growing economy. Read on to explore the top jobs in demand across the Kingdom in 2023


1. Sales Consultant

Sales Consultants are in demand in KSA due to the country's focus on economic diversification and the growth of various industries. As companies seek to expand their market share and increase their revenue, skilled sales professionals become essential in identifying new opportunities, catering to diverse clients, and ensuring sustainable growth.

To be successful in this role, you need to be highly motivated, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and be able to build rapport with people from different cultures.


2. Finance Manager

The demand for Finance Managers in KSA stems from the need for businesses to maintain sound financial health, especially amidst economic fluctuations and the nation's ongoing economic transformation.

Finance Managers who can strategically manage resources, conduct effective financial planning, and ensure compliance with local financial regulations are critical in driving businesses towards profitability and sustainability.


3. Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers are sought after in KSA due to their pivotal role in driving business growth. With Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 fostering an entrepreneurial environment and encouraging foreign investment, businesses need professionals who can identify and exploit new market opportunities, form strategic partnerships, and contribute to the expansion of the company.


4. Procurement Manager

Procurement Managers are in demand as businesses in KSA increasingly focus on optimizing their supply chains and reducing operational costs. Given the region's heavy reliance on imports for various sectors and the rising emphasis on sustainable procurement practices, skilled Procurement Managers are needed to negotiate favorable terms, manage supplier relationships effectively, and mitigate procurement risks.


5- Real Estate Agent

The demand for Real Estate Agents in KSA is driven by the booming real estate sector, spurred by initiatives like the Saudi Vision 2030. These initiatives have led to substantial investments in infrastructure and housing projects. Real Estate Agents with a deep understanding of the local market dynamics and the ability to cater to the needs of diverse clients are instrumental in connecting buyers and sellers, facilitating property transactions, and contributing to the growth of this sector.

Remember, these roles are not only in demand but also offer significant career growth potential. If you are seeking a career change or looking to expand your skillset, consider these high-demand roles in Saudi Arabia's evolving job market.


Seizing Opportunities in Saudi Arabia's Dynamic Job Market

The ongoing economic transformation in Saudi Arabia, fueled by Vision 2030, is driving the need for skilled professionals across sectors. Whether it's the boom in real estate, the evolution of the retail landscape, or the ever-growing finance sector, Saudi Arabia's job market is ripe with potential.

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