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Insights   >   The Rise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) In Saudi Arabia

The Rise of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) In Saudi Arabia

Author: Daniyal Chishti
Sep 26, 2023
Employers • KSA

Saudi Arabia, with its thriving economy and ambitious developmental strategies, has been a hotspot for global talent. As businesses strive to match the pace of this growth, the recruitment landscape in the Kingdom has seen a transformative change. One such transformation has been the increasing adoption of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Let us take a closer look…


KSA Labour Market Overview In 2023

The shifting sands of Saudi Arabia's job market present both opportunities and challenges. With the overall unemployment rate at 5.1% in Q1, 2023 and a slight increase in the unemployment rate of Saudis to 8.5%, businesses are constantly seeking efficient recruitment strategies to tap into a diverse talent pool. Here, RPOs have emerged as a promising solution, offering versatile recruitment models tailored to an organization's unique needs.

Types of RPO Models In KSA

In the ever-evolving recruitment landscape in KSA, companies require diverse strategies to meet their hiring needs. RPOs offer this flexibility through various models, each catering to specific requirements:

Enterprise RPO: Enterprise RPO is a holistic solution that caters to a company's entire recruitment process. Beyond just filling roles, this model provides consistent employer branding, long-term talent pooling, and robust analytics to guide future hiring strategies. Whether a multinational conglomerate or a rapidly growing startup, an Enterprise RPO ensures that businesses have a steady stream of top-tier talent ready to push the company's vision forward.

On-Demand RPO: Not every company requires continuous recruitment. Projects might arise that necessitate a sudden influx of specialized talent. On-demand RPO models are nimble, adaptable, and swiftly ramp up to meet these specific needs. Once the project is over, KSA-based businesses can scale down without any lingering overheads, ensuring optimal cost management.

Hybrid RPO: The dynamic nature of business often means that companies in Saudi Arabia have regular hiring requirements interspersed with periodic spikes. A Hybrid RPO model is a golden mean, offering consistent recruitment services while also having the agility to manage sudden increases in hiring demand for Saudi and expat talent. This model exemplifies flexibility, allowing businesses to get the best of both worlds without any compromise.


How RPO Can Help Businesses Achieve KSA Vision 2030

RPOs are not just recruitment partners; they are strategic allies, driving numerous advantages for businesses across the Kingdom:

Increased Agility
Businesses today need to be agile, adjusting to market shifts quickly. RPOs facilitate this by swiftly scaling services in tandem with market demands, ensuring companies remain a step ahead.

Cost Savings
As Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its economy beyond oil, optimizing costs across industries becomes crucial. RPOs contribute to this by offering economical recruitment solutions, thus aligning with the fiscal objectives of Vision 2030.

Access to Talent
Vision 2030 highlights the significance of developing human capital. RPOs, with their vast networks, ensure that companies tap into both local and international talent pools, fostering a workforce that is competitive on a global stage.

DEI Expertise
Promoting a diverse workforce while preserving cultural values is integral to Vision 2030. RPOs' expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion ensures a multicultural yet harmonious workforce, reflecting Saudi Arabia's global outreach.

Improved Employer Branding
In the war for talent, a strong employer brand is a formidable weapon. RPOs help in crafting a compelling EVP, making sure companies resonate with the best in the talent pool across the Kingdom.

Technology Stack
In the digital age, the right tech can be a game-changer. RPOs are at the forefront, introducing businesses to avant-garde recruitment technologies, and ensuring an efficient and modern hiring process.

Enhanced Candidate Experience
One of Vision 2030's core pillars is to improve the quality of life. By ensuring a stellar candidate experience, RPOs play a role in enhancing job satisfaction and overall happiness, contributing to a better quality of life for the nation's residents.

Reduced Time to Hire
Every vacant position can cost a company. RPOs, with their expertise and resources, ensure that these vacancies are filled promptly, ensuring business continuity, and reducing opportunity costs.


RPO's Contribution to Saudization

The drive towards Saudization is not just about filling quotas; it is about sustainable employment and fostering a thriving local talent ecosystem. RPOs are playing an instrumental role in this vision:

Understanding Local Dynamics
RPOs, with their ground-level insights, understand the nuances of the Saudi job market. This allows them to tailor strategies that cater to both global best practices and local sensibilities.

Bridging The Skill Gap
While Saudization aims to increase employment opportunities for Saudi nationals, there might be skill gaps in certain sectors. RPOs facilitate targeted training and development initiatives, ensuring Saudi talent is not just employed but is also at the forefront of their respective fields.

Achieving Saudization Objectives
The evolving statistics from the General Authority for Statistics indicate a positive trajectory. RPOs, with their systematic approach, ensure that businesses meet Saudization quotas, all while securing the best talent.

Promoting Sustainable Growth
By focusing on quality hires and not just numbers, RPOs ensure that the talent coming in aligns with the long-term vision of the company. This not only fulfils Saudization objectives but also ensures sustainable growth and development for businesses in the region.


Pioneering The Future Of Recruitment In Saudi Arabia

The recruitment landscape in Saudi Arabia is rapidly evolving, with RPOs at the forefront. As the nation advances, businesses need efficient, customizable recruitment solutions. TASC Saudi Arabia is your strategic ally in this journey.

With our cutting-edge approach and commitment to excellence, we are positioned as the premier RPO partner. Choose TASC KSA, and together, let us redefine recruitment in Saudi Arabia.

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