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Top 3 Ways Hiring Temporary Teams in Saudi Arabia Can Help Boost Business Performance

Author: TASC Staff Writer
May 23, 2022
Employers • KSA

From navigating through the Nitaqat System to developing business relationships, building a business in Saudi Arabia may pose many challenges. However, hiring the right people continues to be one of the most pressing concerns of businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Companies that do not have the scale and budget to hire full-time employees are going for an ideal mix of permanent and temporary staff to deal with their growing business needs.

With more businesses looking for a supply of a temporary workforce for specific assignments, temporary staffing companies have become quite prominent worldwide in the past few years – and almost every industry stands to benefit from it. Even several global organisations are looking at temporary staffing companies to fill out lucrative positions, such as lawyers, engineers, and IT managers.

The World Bank granted Saudi Arabia the 62nd position in its Ease of Doing Business rankings in 2019. As the economy of Saudi Arabia continues to grow and make room for new businesses despite the COVID-19 slump, the demand for temporary staffing is bound to increase in the region. In fact, the Head of TASC Saudi Arabia, Anil Singh rightly believes that at least 40%-45% of the workforce in Saudi Arabia will consist of temporary workers in the years to come.

But how exactly can hiring temporary staffing solutions help? Let’s take a look.

       1. Increasing Workforce Flexibility

Businesses must adjust their workforce according to the changes in business demands. With the help of temporary staffing agencies, companies can get access to talented workers who can meet a broad range of needs, from sales and marketing to software developers.  

According to the 2014 American Staffing Association analysis, outsourcing staffing services allows companies 32% flexibility in altering the size of their workforce depending on the demand of the project load. Businesses stand to benefit the most from outsourcing a temporary staffing firm during –

      •  Seasonal needs
      •  Hiring peaks
      •  Special projects

      2. Filling Out Positions Quickly

As temporary staffing firms have access to readily available talent across different job roles and industry verticals, filling out job openings becomes easier and faster. Staffing Agencies can streamline the hiring process by 38%.

In addition, staffing agencies can also help fill out specialised openings that require talent that isn’t accessible through simple job searches. Whether companies are looking for a specific skill sector certification, or for more generic roles, in Saudi Arabia and outsourcing an agency would be the best bet to scale quickly.

      3. Taking the Load of Payroll and Administrative Duties

The hiring process can be time-consuming and complex in Saudi Arabia, and without experts, businesses can easily fall prey to legal pitfalls. Fortunately, a temporary staffing agency can take the burden off companies by carrying out duties like pre-screening, education checks, verifying references, and processing payroll and benefits for the contract workers.

Typically, the administrative duties that temporary staffing agencies perform include –

  • Pre-Screening (skills testing, education, references, criminal background checks, interviews, drug screens)
  • Processing payroll, workers’ and unemployment compensation

In summary, temporary staffing offers a lot, from avoiding the hassle of onboarding and training permanent employees to freeing up time to focus on business growth. Businesses in Saudi Arabia that haven’t considered going down this route yet should give it some careful thought.

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