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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider An MSP In Saudi Arabia

Author: Daniyal Chishti
Dec 8, 2022
Employers • KSA

There are many benefits for any business today in having access to a contingent workforce. The past couple of years has shown us how much more flexibility we’re capable of and the commercial advantages of having access to a more agile and responsive workforce.

Working with a staffing MSP opens up a plethora of possibilities for any organization to tap into and reap the benefits for businesses. Read on to find out…

What Is An MSP?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) manages an organization's temporary worker recruitment and is in charge of the contingent workforce's end-to-end management, from supplier management to strategic workforce planning. One of the most effective and cost-effective ways for a company to manage its contingent workforce is to use a Managed Service Provider.

They take overall responsibility for your workforce, working under your brand when necessary to source and screen candidates and handle all administration to ensure supply chain compliance, resulting in an adaptable workforce that evolves with changing market conditions.

Benefits Of Partnering With An MSP In Saudi Arabia


A Managed Service Programme gives organizations complete visibility over their non-permanent workforce. From temporary workers to consultants, freelancers to contractors, an MSP utilizes its expertise to hire the best temporary talent for businesses. A growing number of professionals around the world are working freelance, and by 2027, contractors and freelancers will make up roughly half of the workforce.

Moreover, since the start of a licensing program in 2019, the number of Saudis who have obtained freelance employment documents has increased by 86% to 631,518. With the right working relationship, an MSP relieves a company’s HR and talent acquisition functions from the complex task of managing a contingent workforce.

Transparency And Structure

Partnering with a staffing MSP provides a quick way to clarify how contingent workers are being managed within a business, including spending. More flexible working options should economically benefit an enterprise, but the opposite can be true without the right internal organization.

For instance, the Kingdom emphasized the significance of streamlining labour market procedures and defining clear mechanisms to improve the contractual relationship between an employee and an employer without jeopardizing any party's rights. A staffing MSP provides vital insight into how contingent staffing is handled and provides a robust structure for doing this more effectively going forward.

A More Efficient Approach To Staffing

When contingent workforce planning and management are being handled in-house, this can be a time-consuming process limited to dealing with one person at a time. Mega-scale projects such as NEOM, Red Sea Development, and Qiddiyah require contractual staff to avoid projects being held up or delayed in Saudi Arabia.

Working with a staffing MSP significantly speeds up the process, not only because of the internal expertise of a professional MSP but also because of the availability of resources. A Managed Service Programme provides the scalability needed to ride the peaks and troughs of contingent recruitment activity. Utilizing an MSP’s team of experts ensures that a business never finds itself short-staffed, even in difficult projects.

Brings In Fresh Ideas

In terms of ideas and innovation, effective contingent workforce management has much to offer a business in Saudi Arabia. As part of Vision 2030, the country has been promoting the gig economy, where Saudi and non-Saudi workers can forge their own career paths through other forms of employment – freelancers, contractual, temporary work visas/IQAMAs, etc.

According to Wiseband, contractors such as freelancers and temporary and contractual workers are much happier than professionals on permanent contracts as flexible employment makes their work vibrant and mentally stimulating, leading to a generation of fresh ideas, which can be crucial for enhancing revenue generation in the long run.

Compliance And Optimization

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a staffing MSP is the opportunity to optimize the way a business uses contingent workers. For many organizations today, there simply isn’t the internal expertise or insight to do this properly, and resources are often wasted. However, a staffing MSP can ensure the way the business invests in its contingent workforce is smart and optimized.

A staffing MSP is also a vital partner in navigating the web of regulation and compliance obligations that can come with contingent workers. For instance, one of the main things businesses should be aware of in KSA is the tax forms required for independent contractors. Partnering with an MSP will ensure that the business doesn’t get penalized for failing to meet the standards set in law.

Partner With An Experienced MSP In Saudi Arabia

TASC Outsourcing is one of the leading recruitment and HR solutions specialists in Saudi Arabia. In line with the Saudi Vision for 2030, we are committed to boosting your business by providing outstanding "people solutions" across Saudi Arabia. Thanks to our extensive local and global proprietary candidate database and strong on-the-ground presence in the Kingdom, we can serve firms across industries through Saudization.

We have extensive experience in providing individually tailored Managed Solutions and can manage your entire workforce solution through a single operation, ensuring smooth and compliant processes across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With over 15+ years of local and global recruitment experience, we can assist you with your staffing challenges whether you require assistance during multiple phases of a project or on an ongoing basis. Our MSP service can help your business save while ensuring 100% compliance at every step of the way.

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