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Top 10 Remote Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Author: Sarah Alsubaihi, TASC Team
Jul 4, 2024
Employers • KSA

In recent years, many business owners have witnessed the success of the remote work policy, appreciating its benefits in terms of cost savings and maintaining work efficiency and productivity. Employees also gain from this policy, enjoying comforts and flexibility. Remote work enables employers to reduce costs by not having to provide office space for a large number of employees, and possibly even reducing salaries. Additionally, employers can attract the best Saudi talents regardless of their proximity to the company headquarters.

Recognizing these advantages, the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources launched the remote work program to promote this system within the Kingdom and encourage its adoption by companies of all types. Companies can implement a completely remote work system, allow it on certain days of the week, or allocate it to specific jobs.

Remote work can take various forms: full-time, part-time, for a project-based roles. This flexibility allows employers to choose the most suitable remote work policy for a wide range of jobs. If you are looking for a remote job in Saudi market here is the list of top remote jobs in Saudi Arabia



For years programming has been the most popular field in demand for skilled, and the situation is no different these days. Remote work for programmers requires an effective communication system, especially in large projects on which more than one programmer is working at the same time. Each programmer must have the skill of software documentation in order to make it easier for team members to understand what their colleagues have achieved. The demand for programmers in the Kingdom is expected to persist in the coming period. This high demand because of Saudi Arabia’s large investments in the fields of financial technology and artificial intelligence.


E-marketing and social media management

 The popularity of e-commerce and the fact that the percentage of Internet users in Saudi Arabia reached 29.1 million users in January 2023, or the equivalent of 79.3% of the total population of the Kingdom, means that e-marketing can reach a huge target audience for any company.  The electronic marketer's experience on the most popular platforms in Saudi Arabia is essential, as marketing is clearly different on each platform.



Design skills are necessary for any company, and it's important to be aware that design encompasses multiple specializations. There are designers who specialize in branding, social media designs, and even creating thumbnails for YouTube. The field of design is divided into both general and specific knowledge. Design skills, colour coordination, and the use of programs are all essential skills. However, acquiring special knowledge requires experience in a specific field.


Content Writing and Proofreading

Content writing remains essential for companies, whether it is educational, promotional, or documentary. Business-related content writing includes creating articles, promotional materials, text messages, emails, internal correspondence, educational materials, video scripts, social media posts, and materials that present the company’s products or services. To be a skilled content writer, one must be well-versed in the regions and target audiences. Understanding Arab culture in general and Saudi culture in particular is crucial.



Communicating with other companies around the world is a necessary part of international business. Translating documents or correspondence is an absolute necessity for effective communication with foreign companies. Remote work is a good fit for translation as a profession. To overcome the language barrier and make sure your message is conveyed clearly, you can hire an interpreter to attend online meetings with you.


Human Resources Management

It may come as a surprise to some that human resources tasks can be completed remotely. They believe that having human resources officers in the office is essential. Human resources functions can be performed by an individual remotely. Remote working allows them to monitor employee performance, meet employee requests, and handle contract and documentation matters. Employers may choose to hire one person to handle these tasks instead of establishing a full department. They may also partner with an outsourcing company, such as TASC, to manage their company's human resources on their behalf.


Customer Service

Instead of providing large offices and valuable customer service management devices, or paying exorbitant amounts to a company offering them this service, small businesses can hire some customer service professionals to work remotely. By making this decision, you can save a significant amount of money. To hire a customer service agent remotely, look for individuals who are both quiet and good communicators. It is important for the candidate to be able to learn and remember company details. In addition, finding speedy solutions.



Full accounting management is unnecessary for start-ups and small companies. The importance of having an experienced and competent accountant lies in the important matters that an accountant is entrusted with, including taxes, payroll, and monitoring the company's liquidity. An experienced accountant can manage the company's finances and perform all the required reports without being present at the company's headquarters.


Project Management

Having a remote project manager for a remote team is appropriate. Rather than burdening the management manager with the responsibility of following up on the team’s day-to-day tasks, the project manager can take on this role remotely. This allows the management manager or the company manager to focus on strategic planning and critical tasks that require their direct attention. Essential skills for this position include communication and organizational abilities, staff management, and proficiency in popular project management software.



All companies need to hire, but to rationalize expenses, not all companies maintain an in-house recruitment staff. Instead, they may hire remote workers for this task on a temporary basis. A remote hiring specialist must have a deep understanding of the company's industry, its specific needs, and access to a wide range of job seekers. This specialist is responsible for marketing the job, searching for suitable applicants, and performing preliminary screenings to prepare a shortlist of the best candidates for final evaluation by the employer. For better quality service, many companies prefer to hire a specialist firm with extensive recruitment experience, such as TASC.


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