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Top 5 Ways To Achieve Green Nitaqat Status in KSA

Author: Albatul Alharthi, Daniyal Chishti
Oct 27, 2022
Employers • KSA

If you operate in Saudi Arabia, you're probably familiar with Nitaqat. Nitaqat is the Kingdom's Saudization program that aims to increase the number of Saudi Nationals working in the private sector. Achieving a "Green" status is considered the basic requirement under Nitaqat – Labour Nationalization Domain, which means that your company has a Saudization rate that meets or exceeds the requirements set by the government.

In this blog post, we'll share five ways businesses can achieve green Nitaqat status for their companies. Read on to learn more!

Create A Saudization Plan

A Saudization plan will allow companies to plan their future implementation to achieve a green Nitaqat status. It helps businesses in knowing what resources are needed to achieve Saudization goals effectively and will guide HR when they create their hiring strategy. Companies must consider whether they will hire more Saudi nationals to reach the necessary Nitaqat status or replace foreign employees with nationals once their contracts expire.

Furthermore, Saudi-based businesses can also create a plan for expatriate employees to train Saudi nationals who will be replacing them.

Implement Nitaqat Into Existing HR Processes

To remain compliant in the long run, businesses must implement Nitaqat into their hiring and recruitment processes. Posting job openings on Taqat is one solution for Saudi private-sector employers. Taqat is a government portal that connects businesses in the private sector with job seekers, especially fresh graduates, to increase workforce stability and development in the Saudi labour market.

By forecasting employee numbers and company requirements, HR departments can incorporate Saudization into their processes. This enables them to determine which positions are needed for the company and how to find qualified candidates while meeting quotas.

The Saudization implementation stage will necessitate ongoing evaluation to ensure that the company remains within the green Nitaqat zones of high green, medium green, and low green.

As a business, if you are struggling to recruit Saudi Nationals, you can reach out to us. We have a large local proprietary candidate database to support your Saudization needs.

Invest In Retention Strategies For Saudi Talent

Businesses operating across the Kingdom also need to have a retention strategy for their Saudi employees, and the best way to do this is by providing an engaging work environment.

Businesses can foster this engaging environment by implementing practices that develop the Saudi workforce, such as:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Offering Competitive salaries
  • Providing a range of employee benefits
  • Creating reward programs
  • Providing flexibility at workplaces

By effectively implementing these initiatives, Saudi-based businesses can increase employee engagement and reduce turnover, leading to non-compliance and a higher green Nitaqat status in the long run.

Conduct Saudi Labour Market Gap Analysis

To implement a customized strategy to achieve its Saudization goals, businesses can conduct a gap analysis to examine the Saudi workforce that is currently employed as well as the positions that are currently open for Saudis.

Employers should first identify the skills and experience needed for open positions within their company. They can then compare this to the skills and qualifications of employed Saudis and those on-the-job market. This analysis can help pinpoint gaps in the available Saudi workforce and inform hiring decisions to reach the required compliance level across the Kingdom.

As a company, if you are interested in understanding the Saudi Labour market, you can also get in touch with our team. Our recruitment experts at our Saudi offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam are specialists in hiring Saudi Nationals for over 7 years with exclusive market insight.

Outsource Non-Saudi Talent To TASC

HR recruitment and specialists such as TASC Outsourcing can assist you in reducing your permanent non-Saudi workforce by outsourcing staff, payroll, visas, and sponsorship. This reduces the number of non-Saudi employees on your company visa and improves the ratio of non-Saudi employees to Saudi employees.

Having A Tough Time Going Green? TASC Can Help You Achieve A Higher Nitaqat Status

For businesses operating in Saudi, compliance is the key to success. There are exclusive benefits and incentives for businesses that are compliant.

Helping Saudi-based businesses improve their Nitaqat status is our strength. TASC is one of the leading recruitment and HR solutions specialists in Saudi Arabia. In line with the Saudi Vision for 2030, we are committed to boosting businesses by providing outstanding "people solutions," be it Saudi and expat talent across the Kingdom.

Through our 15+ years of local and global recruitment experience and a strong on-the-ground presence in Saudi Arabia, we have assisted businesses to overcome their Saudization challenges by providing them with the finest local talent available.

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