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Why Companies Choose PEOs for Managing Expatriate Assignments to Saudi Arabia

Author: Albatul Alharthi
Aug 9, 2023
Employers • KSA

As the global landscape of business expands, companies increasingly look towards international markets for growth and diversification opportunities. Among the many countries that have been attracting global businesses, Saudi Arabia stands out due to its growing economy, and strategic location. However, managing expatriate assignments in Saudi Arabia can be a complex and intricate process, prompting many organizations to turn to Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) for assistance. Here are five reasons your company should choose PEOs for this purpose.


1. Navigating Local Labour Laws and Regulations

Saudi Arabia has its own set of labour laws and regulations that are different from other countries. The Kingdom is known for its rigorous legal processes, which encompass everything from visa applications, employment contracts, and end-of-service benefits, to working hours and public holiday compensations.

A minor oversight or unfamiliarity with these laws can lead to fines, legal complications, or strained business relations. PEOs have local expertise and are well-versed in the nuances of Saudi labour laws, ensuring companies remain compliant while avoiding any unexpected legal hiccups. Subscribe to our weekly KSA newsletter on LinkedIn if you are interested in receiving updates on Saudi labour law and regulations and insights from the Saudi market.


2. Streamlined Visa and Work Permit Processes

Acquiring work permits and visas for expatriates in Saudi Arabia can be a tedious process. The Kingdom requires various documents, attestations, and health examinations, often leading to delays or complications for the uninitiated.

PEOs provide an invaluable service in this domain. Their local presence, familiarity with processes, and established relationships with government agencies mean they can streamline visa and work permit applications. This not only expedites the relocation of expatriate employees but also ensures they are legally equipped to work upon arrival. Learn more about the business visa process from our blog Applying for a Business Visa to Saudi Arabia: A Comprehensive Guide.


3. Cultural Integration and Support

One of the primary challenges expatriates may face when relocating to a new country is the cultural transition. Saudi Arabia, with its rich cultural tapestry and Islamic roots, can be a particularly challenging environment for those unfamiliar with the culture.

PEOs, understanding this challenge, often provide cultural training and orientation programs. These initiatives are designed to introduce expatriates to the Saudi way of life, social norms, business etiquette, and more. This level of support ensures smoother cultural integration, reducing the potential for misunderstandings or inadvertent cultural faux pas.


4. Cost-effective Employment Solutions

Managing an expatriate assignment in Saudi Arabia comes with its financial intricacies. There are costs associated with housing, transportation, healthcare, education, and other allowances. Moreover, companies might find themselves navigating the complex landscape of Saudi taxation.

PEOs offer a cost-effective solution for businesses. Their in-depth knowledge of local financial regulations, coupled with their ability to provide or advise on packages tailored to expatriates, can result in significant savings. This financial efficiency is crucial, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that may not have vast resources at their disposal.


5. Efficient Handling of HR and Administrative Tasks

The administrative burden associated with expatriate management can be overwhelming. Tasks like payroll, employee benefits, contract management, and grievance handling can consume a significant amount of time and resources.

By partnering with a PEO, companies can offload many of these tasks. PEOs possess the infrastructure, software, and local expertise to manage these operations efficiently, allowing companies to focus on their core business objectives or projects. Moreover, in the event of any employee disputes or issues, PEOs can step in as mediators, leveraging their understanding of both the local culture and expatriate concerns to find amicable solutions.  Read our latest blog to learn more on How to Manage Payroll with Compliance in Saudi Arabia.


The appeal of expanding business operations into Saudi Arabia is undeniable. The Kingdom's Vision 2030 reforms, aimed at diversifying its economy and reducing dependence on oil, have opened the doors for various industries to thrive. However, managing the details associated with expatriate assignments can be daunting.

PEOs emerge as strategic partners in this landscape, offering expertise in legal compliance, visa processes, cultural integration, cost-effective employment solutions, and administrative task management. By choosing a reliable PEO, companies can ensure that their Saudi Arabian venture is not just compliant but also efficient. As global businesses continue to tap into the immense potential of the Saudi market, PEOs will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in facilitating their success.


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